How do I get an Ice Cream Social at Work?

Employee ice cream socials are among the best staff appreciation ideas. Nothing encourages goodwill and teamwork like a relaxed gathering where employees enjoy their favorite desserts. Managers have discovered that it works best to hire an Orlando ice cream truck to cater your event. Ice Twister, Orlando’s Premiere Ice Cream food truck catering company, takes care of all the details. You won’t have to worry about where to get the best ice cream, what flavors or toppings you’ll need, how to keep it cold, or who will do the serving. The cheerful, friendly Ice Twister staff provides everything you need; plates, glasses, straws, napkins, utensils, and all the other ingredients that go into a successful employee ice cream social.

Ideas for an Employee Ice Cream Social

  1. Be choosy with flavor selections. Make sure you’ve got the basics covered: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Other popular flavors include butter pecan, Neapolitan, and chocolate chip. Don’t forget trendy flavors like Matcha, banana, and Mango. As for regional favorites, this year it’s Rum Raisin in Florida.


  1. Call Ice Twister and make a reservation for your employee ice cream social. Ice cream catering food trucks are becoming a very popular way to engage and appreciate workers, so book your spot early. Call 417-318-7860 or email to get started.


  1. Make your event a success with some great invitation and decoration ideas.


  1. When planning your menu, don’t forget special dietary needs for vegans or the lactose intolerant. Let us know!


  1. Pick a good site. We can come to a suitable space at your company location, or you make it an outdoor day at a nearby park — or the boss can host the party in his backyard.


Get your crew back into the swing of things with an Employee Appreciation Ice Cream Social catered by Ice Twister, Orlando’s Best Ice Cream Catering Company. If you’re looking for ways to bring your team together, improve morale, and boost productivity, there’s no better employee engagement idea than an ice cream social.  Call 417-318-7860 today or email to reserve some sweet time for your team.