Cappuccino / Beverage Bar Socials

Ice Twister Catering is Orlando’s leader in corporate catering for customer and tenant appreciation events as well as convention catering. We have perfected our Breakfast Socials by pairing them with our Catered Coffee Bar Socials, and what better way to start your morning than with a delicious hot cup of coffee? Freshly brewed arabica blend coffee (decaf and regular) served with your choice of gourmet DaVinci flavoring to twist things up served with cream and sugar makes an excellent start to any day. With or without one of Ice Twister’s famous Catered Hot Breakfasts, one of our premium Orlando Catered Coffee Socials is the perfect start to your day!

Our Cappuccino and Beverage Bar goes
PERFECTLY with our Sweets Social!

For more information on discounts with combined socials and pricing, please contact us at (407)832-3477 or Request a Quote!

For an extra special touch to your Orlando Corporate Catered Event you can upgrade our traditional Coffee Bar Social with our Catered Espresso and Cappuccino Bar Social featuring a selection of Italy’s finest espresso brewed on the spot for each guest. Add some steamed milk to your espresso to make a luscious cappuccino or latte made right in your office as a perfect morning, afternoon or anytime Pick-Me-Up!

Our gourmet cappuccinos and espressos are made fresh and served hot on the spot! We also have assorted hot teas, hot chocolate, fresh juices, iced teas, and other beverages available upon request. Try one of our Orlando Catered Coffee Socials today!