Corporate events are all about the possability for new meetings, handshakes, opportunities, ideas, and brainstorming. To make those more worth remembering, food can play an important opportunistic role here. Few people got this understanding that food and good ambiance enhances the chances of opening up better in front of other people or like-minded people. 

The impact of good food has been proved to be a mood changer and result in a boundless experience. If you are looking for a caterer who can take this charge and add stars to your event and food, don’t forget Ice Twister.

Why Ice Twister Catering is the best option for corporate events and celebrations?

Ice Twister is a Corporate Catering Company in Central Florida’s Original, Largest, and Most Exclusive catering service provider.

Beginning in 2001, Ice Twister has been providing thousands of Ice Cream Socials and hundreds of Hot Breakfast Socials, and Chocolate Fountain Socials, providing tenant and Employee Appreciation as well as corporate events throughout the Central Flordia Region. We are a proud sponsor of BOMA Orlando and BOMA Greater Tampa Bay.

Master Picks from Ice Twister

Ice Twister Mobile: Not enough room to host all of your guests? No problem! Introducing Ice Twister’s new Orlando Ice Cream Truck, the IceMobile! Our Orlando Ice Cream Van will come to your place and serve our delicious ice cream to your guests! Contact us for more information!


Corporate Menu: Ice Twister is now Orlando’s premiere Hot Breakfast Corporate Caterer as well! Ice Cream is delicious no matter the weather, but we here at Ice Twister understand that sometimes you want something to warm you up; or maybe just something to start your day off right! We gladly present our new Hot Corporate Menu. 


Chocolate Fountain Socials: We also offer delicious Chocolate Fountain Socials that are sure to please everyone. Rich luxurious chocolate pours over stainless steel fondue fountains making sure the chocolate is always at the perfect heat and consistency. The smooth, velvet-like chocolate is partnered with a variety of treats to dip with, causing your taste buds to hit nirvana in no time flat.